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"There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn't." -John Green

Teens are in a unique phase of life and often misunderstood. They can exhibit different symptoms than adults when feeling grief, depression, and anxiety.

They sometimes struggle with trusting adults with their feelings. Sometimes changes in your teen's communication and/or behavior are clear red flags. Other times, it may appear as if they are doing quite well because there are no outward signs of distress.

One of our ultimate goals in counseling is to increase communication amongst teens and their parents. We will encourage your teen to share their thoughts and feelings with you but will not force them.

Confidentiality is very important to establish trust with teens. Therefore, if there is information shared that reflects a danger to themselves or someone else, your teen's therapist will inform you as necessary.

Challenges that may bring on feelings of grief, anxiety, or depression:

Not sure if you should be concerned about your teen?

Call us. We can create a safe place to help your teens discover the root of their challenges and support them through their journey.