Niesia Garza, LCSW – Navarre Counselor

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Grief is a profound testament to our capacity for love, often intense and consuming. - Niesia Garza

Our grief counseling embraces each person's unique experience with profound respect and deep empathy. Our services provide a supportive and compassionate environment where you can safely address the intricacies of traumatic grief. Here, you are supported on a journey of personal acceptance, finding resilience within an environment that honors your emotions.

The unpredictable nature of grief can bring intense emotions and serves as a reminder that the grieving process is deeply personal, with no one 'right' way to experience it. As we navigate through the complexities of grief, we discover our strength and capacity to hold both sorrow and joy.

Our approach to grief is not about reaching a fixed endpoint but acknowledging an ongoing process of transformation and growth. At Daniel's Harbor, we offer compassionate bereavement care, holding space for your grief as it unfolds in its own time and manner.