Niesia Garza, LCSW – Navarre Counselor

Welcome to Daniel's Harbor!


There is no right or wrong way to grieve but there are healthy and unhealthy ways.

Grief is a deeply personal response to loss, touching every part of our lives; it is a testament to our capacity for love, intense and consuming. It is a journey, not a destination. Research defines traumatic grief as the death of a baby or child, violent death, suicide, homicide, and untimely deaths. The profound pain of loss comes from losing our deep connections with others. It is important to understand that grief is not a problem to be fixed. The saying 'time heals all wounds' adds to the misunderstanding that grief is something from which we can fully recover. Recovery implies a return to how things were, but the absence of a loved one is an irreversible reality. In navigating grief, we learn to integrate our 'new normal' without our loved ones. At Daniel's Harbor, we focus on holding space for your grief as it unfolds in its own time and manner.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our approach emphasizes compassionate bereavement care and a supportive environment where individuals can safely navigate the complexities of traumatic grief. Utilizing the ATTEND model, a mindfulness-based approach, our grief counseling deeply respects and empathizes with each person's unique experience. We understand that grief is profoundly personal, varying significantly even among those who have lost the same loved one. The unpredictable nature of grief, with its intense emotions, reveals the deeply personal aspect of this journey. Through this process, we often discover our strength and capacity to hold sorrow and joy together.

  • Attunement: Being fully present and responsive to each person’s feelings and experiences.
  • Trust: Creating a safe space for open expression of grief without fear of judgment.
  • Therapeutic Touch: Utilizing compassionate touch to convey support and reduce isolation when appropriate.
  • Egalitarianism: Treating every individual with equal respect, ensuring a supportive environment that honors dignity and worth.
  • Nuance: Tailoring our support to fit the intricate variations in each client’s grief experience.
  • Death Education: Providing education about the grieving process to demystify emotions and promote understanding.

At Daniel's Harbor, we prioritize creating a nurturing space, honoring each individual's journey walking with their grief.