Niesia Garza, LCSW – Navarre Counselor

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Family and Relationships

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly." -Sam Keen

Building and maintaining strong, healthy relationships are central to our well-being. At Daniel's Harbor, our therapy approach aim to cultivate resilience and enhance communication within these vital relationships. We acknowledge the unique challenges faced by couples and families, from navigating marital conflicts to addressing parenting responsibilities and adapting to life’s inevitable changes.

Our clinicians provide tailored support to guide couples and families toward a greater mutual understanding and respect. We utilize methods that encourage active listening, empathy, and effective conflict resolution, aiming to improve the dynamics of how family members and partners relate to one another. Whether addressing co-parenting strategies, blending family histories, managing significant life transitions, or strengthening parenting skills, our approach is inclusive and supportive.

At Daniel's Harbor, we are dedicated to fostering the kind of relationships that serve as a foundation for personal and collective growth. Our focus is on facilitating a family dynamic where harmony prevails, and every member feels appreciated, heard, and intimately connected to the whole. Our commitment is to accompany families on their journey towards a more unified and supportive home life.