Niesia Garza, LCSW – Navarre Counselor

Welcome to Daniel's Harbor!

Children and Teens

"Enter into children's play, and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet." -Virginia Axline

Understanding and nurturing the emotional and psychological well-being of children and teens is at the heart of our child and teen therapy services at Daniel's Harbor. Our clinicians provide a supportive environment that encourages young individuals to express and navigate their thoughts and feelings. We engage in their world, connecting through the universal languages of play, expression, and creativity, to foster growth.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our therapeutic approach is sensitive to the unique ways children and teens communicate and process the world around them. We offer a holistic treatment experience that's tailored to meet the developmental needs of young individuals, accommodating the complexities of their environments, from family dynamics to social interactions.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: We begin with a detailed evaluation to understand the
    individual needs and circumstances of our young clients.
  • Play Therapy: Utilizing the therapeutic power of play, we help children express
    themselves and process their experiences in a language they understand best.
  • Creative Techniques: Offering various forms of artistic expression, we provide a
    medium for children and teens to explore and convey their emotions, facilitating
    communication when words are not enough.
  • Sand Therapy: Utilizing sensory and imaginative play of sand therapy, we help young
    clients express themselves and find solutions to problems in a safe, creative space.
  • Educational Resources: Offering guidance and resources for parents and caregivers, we
    empower them to reinforce therapeutic practices and provide support at home.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques: Employing age-appropriate strategies, we guide our
    young clients in understanding their thoughts and feelings, helping them develop
    effective coping mechanisms.
  • Holistic Growth: Our goal is to equip children and teens with the self-awareness
    necessary for healthy emotional and social development in today’s fast-paced world.