Niesia Garza, LCSW – Navarre Counselor

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About Us

Niesia Garza, MSW, LCSW, RPT


I am Niesia Garza, the Founder and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at Daniel's Harbor Therapy Center. Specializing in trauma and grief, I have dedicated myself to working closely with children, adolescents, teens, and families facing the profound complexities of trauma, grief, and loss. This field of care resonates deeply with me, fueling my passion to help families discover and embrace a new normal. As a Registered Play Therapist and certified Compassionate Bereavement Care provider, I approach this deeply personal work with empathy and compassion.

My connection to this work extends beyond my professional role; it resonates with my personal experiences as a veteran and spouse of a retired veteran. Understanding the unique challenges of military life adds an insightful dimension to my therapeutic practice, driving me to create an environment that nurtures personal growth, where every step forward is a milestone to be celebrated.

Meet Our Team

Stephen A. Vinson, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Danielle Vinson, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Symika Taylor, MSW, LCSW, CAC

Our Purpose

Inspired by and in honor of my son Daniel, who died two months before his third birthday from a rare blood disorder, Daniel's Harbor is more than just a therapy center – it's a beacon of compassion and support. Throughout our son's life and after his death, we were blessed with the unwavering support of wonderful people dedicated to being there for us. Daniel's Harbor is our way of extending that support to our community. Ensuring that you know you are not alone, we invite you to come to the safety of Daniel's Harbor. We are here for you, ready to walk alongside you every step of the way.

Our Mission

At Daniel's Harbor Therapy Center, our mission is to be a shining beacon of compassion and support, guiding individuals and families through their unique and personal journeys of grief and trauma. We believe that no one should face these challenges alone, and our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where judgment is replaced with understanding and empathy. Through education and advocacy, we aim to raise awareness within society about traumatic grief, distinguishing it from a mental health disorder, and addressing any misconceptions that may surround it. With compassion and understanding, we foster growth and offer support as we navigate this path together. Come to the safety of Daniel's Harbor – we are here to walk alongside you every step of the way.